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Descendants of Thomas BARTLETT

Twelfth Generation

130. Frank BARTLETT (Edward James , Nathaniel , Charles , Charles Cox , Thomas , Samuel , William , Samuel , Peter , William , Thomas ) was born 4 Jan 1891 in Hadley Highstone, Hertfordshire, England. He died 1961.

Frank Bartlett, son of Edward James Bartlett and Isabella Sarah Ellis, was born on January 4, 1891 near Hadley Highstone, Hertfordshire.  He followed his elder brother Edward and emigrated from Barnet, England to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada before the First World War.
Laura Bran was bom in Lymington in 1888, the daughter of Charles William and Edith Mary (Penney) Bran.  She was brought to Canada by Sir George Perley to serve in his household staff, where she met and married Frank Bartlett.  Sir George served in the Conservative cabinet of Sir Robert Borden (1910-1920).
Frank and Laura were married in 1911 and had a family of one son and five daughters (Chart 3).  Their son, Douglas, died in infancy during a diptheria epidemic. He family lived in central Ottawa, just a short distance from the family
of Frank's brother Edward.
Frank was employed most of his life for the Ottawa Water Works in various capacities and retired while a foreman.  He was very outgoing and popular with his co-workers and friends, often bringing guests home.  On one occasion, he came home with the then Mayor of Ottawa, Allan Turner.
Frank served in the Canadian Railway Troops during World War 1, and saw service at Ypres, France.  He was a lover of opera and classical music, and an ardent fisherman.  His lifelong fishing pal was Adelard Sauve, a French Canadian who also had five daughters.  According to Frank's daughter, Blanche, "they did not speak English and we did not speak French but we got along just fine".  Fish catches in those days were large and varied including eel (disliked greatly by his children).  On one fishing trip, Frank and Adelard were caught out on a lake in the middle of a storm.  Adelard was on his knees with his rosary until forced to help bale and pull for shore.
Frank took his family to most ceremonial occasions held on Parliament Hill.  One occasion that Blanche remembered was the visit of the R-100 Dirigible.
The family was raised Anglican at St. John's Church in Ottawa, but Frank adhered to the Salvation Army, to which the children were also taken.     Blanche remembers that a highlight of the children's lives was Frank's purchase of a new Chevrolet car in the early 1930's.  The family sometimes left at 5:00 a.m. to visit lifelong friends (Ernest and Bella Overton), which was over 28 miles of gravel road to Beechgove (Eardley) in Quebec.
Frank knew the best locations to pick mushrooms and would take the family along with him.  He also took the family to Byward Market each Saturday, and to baseball games and other activities at Cartier Square.
Daughter Blanche recalls that as the young girls grew into teenagers, Laura waited up for them while Frank tried to keep track of their activities.  The girls would often look across a room and find to their chagrin that their father was sitting there watching.  Frank died in 1961.  In Blanche's words, "Time cannot erase our fond memories of Frank and Laura - each had the best interests of the family first in their hearts."

Frank married Laura Anne BRAN, daughter of Charles William BRAN and Edith Mary PENNEY, in 1911. Laura was born 1888 in Lymington, England.

They had the following children:

+ 142 F i Gloria Laura BARTLETT was born 27 Jun 1927.
  143 M ii
Douglas BARTLETT was born 12 Oct 1912. He died in In Infancy.

Died in infancy during a diptheria epidemic.
  144 F iii
Elma Vera BARTLETT was born 26 Oct 1916.

Never married.
+ 145 F iv Blanche Christine BARTLETT was born 25 Dec 1919.
  146 F v
Olive Lola BARTLETT was born 24 Aug 1921.
Olive married (1) Cecil HULME.
Olive also married (2) Arthur MEIKLE.
+ 147 F vi Fern Constance BARTLETT was born 25 May 1923 and died 6 Oct 1988.

131. Edward Nathaniel BARTLETT (Edward James , Nathaniel , Charles , Charles Cox , Thomas , Samuel , William , Samuel , Peter , William , Thomas ) was born 13 Nov 1877 in Hadley Highstone, Middlesex., England.

Edward Nathaniel Bartlett and Mary Elizabeth Whiteway
    Edward Nathaniel, born near Hadley Highstone, Middlesex on November 13, 1877, was the first child of Edward James Bartlett and Isabella Sarah Ellis.  As a young man, he worked as a plumber until enlisting in the British Army during the Boer War, where he served in the Transvaal in 1901 - 1902 with the Duke of Cambridge's Own Imperial Yeomanry VII Battalion, 27th (Devon) Squadron.
    Edward Nathaniel's future wife, Mary Elizabeth Whiteway was born on April 9, 1878 at Shiphay, in the parish of St. Marychurch, near Torquay, Devon.  She was the daughter of Joseph Whiteway, a dairyman who was born in Kingerswell (his birth was registered in the fourth quarter of 1840 at Newton Abbott).  Mary Elizabeth's mother was Johanna Crews who was born at Abbotskerswell (her birth was registered in the fourth quarter of 1839 at Newton Abbott).
    Edward Nathaniel and Mary Elizabeth (Bessie) were married on the 6th of November, 1904 at Christchurch, Barnet, Middlesex.  At the time of their marriage, she was residing at Rose Hill, Totteridge, Middlesex, while he was living with his parents at 12 Sebright Road, Bamet, Hertfordshire.  Her father was deceased at that time.  The witnesses of the marriage were Edward's sister, Celia Snow Barker and his uncle, Frank Bartlett.
    After their marriage, Edward and Bessie lived next door to his parents at 10 Sebright Road, Barnet.  It was there that their son Edward was born in 1905.
    In 1907, Edward Nathaniel and Mary Elizabeth emigrated to Canada and settled on a farm at Morewood near Ottawa.  Their daughter, Grace Isabel, was born at Morewood in August of the following year.  Postcards sent in 1910 by Edward Nathaniel's sister Lilian to him and his brother Frank, indicate that Frank was also living with Edward and his family.
    Mary Elizabeth had a silver cup which her younger brother Edwin John C. Whiteway won in a shooting competition in 1908.  The cup has been handed down and is now in the possession of grandson Edward Albert Bartlett.  It is engraved:
                          TRANSVAAL BISLEY 1908
                          THE "ABE BAILEY" CUP
                       WON BY L/Cpl E.J. WHITEWAY
                             I st K.O.Y.L.I.
    Edward Nathaniel found it hard to make a living on his farm and used to travel to Western Canada to work during harvest time.  He eventually moved with his family into Ottawa where he worked as a streetcar conductor.
    During the 1914-1918 war, Edward Nathaniel came home one day with an armful of Army clothes and told his wife he had enlisted.  He was sent overseas with the Canadian Expeditionary Force and served at least some of his time with the First Reserve Battery.  He enlisted on September 22, 1914, and there may have been some age restriction on enlistment, because he gave his year of birth as 1884 instead of 1877.  He served in Canada, Britain and France and rose to the rank of sergeant.
    Edward Nathaniel was returned to Canada before the war ended because of an illness, which his son believed was malaria but according to a letter written to his son, it would seem more likely that he was suffering from a form of battle fatigue,, known more commonly in those days as "shell shock".  He was officially Honourably Discharged on March 31, 1922.
    Edward Nathaniel re-enlisted in Ottawa on December 2, 1925 in the Permanent Canadian Force and served at the "Wood's Building" in Ottawa.  He finally retired on October 14, 1943 with the rank of corporal.
    The family went camping quite often.  Edward Nathaniel was very fond of hunting and fishing, and never missed his deer hunting in the Fall.
    Mary Elizabeth died in Ottawa on November 9, 1947.  Edward Nathaniel died twenty years later on January 9, 1967 at Ottawa, and is buried in Pinecrest Cemetery, Ottawa.

Edward married Mary Elizabeth WHITEWAY.

They had the following children:

+ 148 M i Edward BARTLETT was born 1905.
  149 F ii
Grace Isabel BARTLETT.

Grace Isabel Bartlett
        Grace, the second child of Edward Nathaniel and Mary Elizabeth, was bom in August, 1908 at Morewood, near Ottawa.  She was confirmed at Christ Church Cathedral, Ottawa on December 23, 1924.  She married William Clarke late in life, and had no children.  Grace passed away on January 4, 1976.
Grace married William CLARKE.
  150 F iii
Joan Nita BARTLETT was born 1 Apr 1906. She died 27 Aug 1906.

132. Florence Annie BARTLETT (Edward James , Nathaniel , Charles , Charles Cox , Thomas , Samuel , William , Samuel , Peter , William , Thomas ) was born 1879 in Hadley Highstone, Middlesex.

Florence Annie was the eldest daughter of Edward James Bartlett and Isabella Sarah Ellis.  She was born near Hadley Highstone, Middlesex, in the first quarter of 1879.
    In 1900 at Barnet, Hertfordshire, Florence Annie was married to Cecil Dawes.  His father's name is not known, but his mother was Louisa Sarah Dawes.
    After their marriage, Florence and Cecil lived at Ramsgate, Kent until after their second son, Ronald was born in 1903.  The family then moved to Barnet where their daughter Ivy was born in January of 1904 at 10 Sebright Road.  It was probably later in that year that they moved to 42 Hamilton Road, East Finchley, London.  In November, Florence's brother Edward and his bride Mary, moved into the Sebright Road house.
    Cecil opened a butcher's shop at East Finchley, using the front room of the house.  Later, he opened another shop near the railway bridge at Longlane.  Cecil operated the new shop while Florrie carried on operating the shop at Hamilton Road for quite a number of years before it was gradually phased out.
        After the death of her mother in 1909, Florence returned to live with her father for a period of time, presumably to care for her younger siblings.

Florence married Cecil DAWES, son of Louisa Sarah DAWES, in 1900 in Barnet, Hertfordshire.

They had the following children:

  151 M i
William Edward DAWES was born 1901.

William was born in 1901 and the birth was registered at Barnet which was probably the registration office for Ramsgate, Kent.  He left home at an early age and never contacted his family again.
+ 152 M ii Ronald Cecil DAWES was born 1 Feb 1903.
  153 F iii
Ivy Lilian DAWES was born 29 Jan 1904 in Barnet, Hertfordshire. She died 15 Sep 1904.
+ 154 F iv Alma DAWES was born 2 Jul 1914.

133. Celia Snow BARTLETT (Edward James , Nathaniel , Charles , Charles Cox , Thomas , Samuel , William , Samuel , Peter , William , Thomas ) was born 1 Jan 1881 in Hadley Highstone, Middlesex. She died in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Celia Snow Bartlett, the second daughter of Edward James Bartlett and Isabella Sarah Ellis, was born near Hadley Highstone, Middlesex, in the first quarter of 1881.
During her youth, she lost an eye from the side effects of German measles.  While at home, she helped with her father's greengrocery business - as all of the family members seem to have done.
Snow continued on in the greengrocery business after she married Arthur Bertram Barker in the second quarter of 1903.  She and "Bert" opened a stall on a vacant piece of land that was believed to have been called "Mary Payne's Place".  Situated on the east side of Barnet High Street just south of the fork of Hadley and St. Albans roads, this piece of land was used by a variety of businesses selling their wares from canvas covered stalls.  The land was eventually sold for the building of a block of stores with apartments over them.  The Barkers then took a store on the opposite side of the High Street where they continued their greengrocery.
Bert was remembered by his daughter Nellie as a hard worker who expected the rest of the family to also work hard.  He was a very shrewd buyer and made his money at the market end of the business.  Nellie also noted that her father was somewhat stubborn.  One evening as they were returning from a trip to Leyton, the horse refused to pull the trap up the hill so Bert turned the horse around and backed it all the way to the top.  The horse never balked again.
Bert Barker died on December 22, 1927, at the age of 44.  Despite the loss of her husband, Snow managed to keep the business going with the aid (at different times) of her three daughters: Nellie May, Lilian Celia and Violet Maude.  Her son-in-law, Frederick Balchin worked with her in the store for many years, from the time he married Violet until the store was closed down.
Snow eventually married her son-in-law's father, Frederick Balchin Sr., who she outlived.  She spent her final years living with her daughter Nellie in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Celia married (1) Frederick Balchin SR..

Celia also married (2) Arthur Bertram BARKER in 1903. Arthur died 22 Dec 1927.

They had the following children:

+ 155 F i Nellie May BARKER.
+ 156 F ii Lilian Celia BARKER died 23 Jul 1991.
+ 157 F iii Violet Maude BARKER died 12 Jul 1941.

134. John BARTLETT (Edward James , Nathaniel , Charles , Charles Cox , Thomas , Samuel , William , Samuel , Peter , William , Thomas ) was born 11 Jan 1894 in Hadley Highstone. He died 4 May 1927 in East Finchley, London.

John Bartlett, son of Edward James Bartlett and Isabella Sarah Ellis was born at Hadley Highstone on Januray 11, 1894.  Called "Jack" by his family, he worked as a telegram delivery boy until the age of sixteen.  He won a silver cup that is now in the possession of Linda (Scott) Duffy of Ireland, inscribed:
                7th Batt.  Middlesex.  Regiment
                          "B" Company
                  Recruits Efficiency Cup 1912
                  Presented by Major J.S. Drew
It appears therefore, that at the age of 18 Jack was in the army.  During World War I he was a sniper (a not too enviable job) during which time he was gassed, an experience which completely ruined his health and eventually killed him.
During the war, he would spend most f his leave at his sister Florrie's.  One time he arrived late at night and climbed the drainpipe to get in the upstairs window.  Florrie found him sleeping in a chair the next morning.
After the war, Jack worked for Florrie's husband, Cecil Dawes.  He met Kitty Reid at that time.  They were married at Barnet Registry Office, then moved to Amersham for a while.  They had one daughter, Pamela, who is believed to be living in the U.S.A.
Jack died on May 4, 1927 while living at Hamilton Road, East Finchley, London and was buried in his parents grave at Barnet.

John married Kitty REID in Barnet.

They had the following children:

  158 F i

135. Frederick BARTLETT (Edward James , Nathaniel , Charles , Charles Cox , Thomas , Samuel , William , Samuel , Peter , William , Thomas ) was born 7 Feb 1888 in Hadley Highstone. He died 15 Sep 1975.

Frederick, a son of Edward James Bartlett and Isabel Sarah Ellis, was born near Hadley Highstone on February 7, 1888.
While living at Barnet, Frederick met Sarah Sophia Jane Johnson.  She was bom on May 11, 1886 in Barnet and had lived at 13 Puller Road, Barnet.  According to old postcards, Sophie was living at Puller Road in 1907.  While there, she had worked at the Dental Company at Alston Road.
One of Sophie's brothers, Benjamin, lived at 15 Puller Road.  He had married Daisey Waghom whose mother was Grace Waghorn (nee Ellis), sister of Frederick's mother.  Sophia's other brother was named Jim or James and she had a sister named Clara.
Sophie's mother was widowed while in her early forties and as Sophie was the only one of her four children (two girls and two boys) living at home, she and her mother went into service as laundress and helper.  They were employed at a number of locations.  For a time they were at Dornock near Edinburgh and later they were at Tunbridge Wells, Kent.  Finally they took a position with Sir Samuel Barrow at the "Grove" in Carlshalton.  Old postcards indicate that they were at the "Grove" in 1912.
During her travels, Frederick had been courting Sophie and persevered in spite of the distance between them.  Frederick and Sophie were eventually married at Barnet in 1914 and must have lived for a time in one of the lodges on the "Grove" estate at Carlshalton where their daughter Dorothy was born.
Frederick served in the army during World War 1. He served in France, Russia and South Africa.  His daughter has postcards that he sent from various places including Vladivostock, Genoa, France and South Africa.. There is also one that he sent from Montreal, Canada in 1925 although the purpose of his visit is not known.
After his demobilization, jobs were scarce and he found employment as a painter and decorator with someone who was in the business.  Later, he worked for a local dignatory, a Mr. Lester Guest, who ran an opera company at the Palace Theatre, Carlshalton.  Frederick was a stagehand and general factotem.  He was often an "extra" in Gilbert and Sullivan type shows.  To quote his daughter Dorothy, "He was a bit of a wag in his younger days and often did comic turns for amateur shows".
In the 1930's Frederick became caretaker at Camden Road Primary School and remained so until his retirement.
Around 1956 Sophie and Frederick moved to Crawley Sussex, presumably to be nearer to their daughter.  He then worked as a school crossing guard for some time.  Sophie passed away on July 20, 1974 and Frederick followed a year later on September 15, 1975.
They had one child: Dorothy Joyce Bartlett

Frederick married Sarah Sophia Jane JOHNSON in 1904 in Barnet. Sarah was born 11 May 1886. She died 20 Jul 1974.

They had the following children:

+ 159 F i Dorothy Joyce BARTLETT was born 14 Oct 1925.

136. Minnie May BARTLETT (Edward James , Nathaniel , Charles , Charles Cox , Thomas , Samuel , William , Samuel , Peter , William , Thomas ) was born 5 Mar 1892. She died 1948 in Berkhamsted.

Born at Hadley Highstone on March 5, 1892, Minnie May had the usual Bartlett up bringing, helping her father with the greengrocers business until she was old enough to work away from home.  In 1913, she was a children's Nanny, employed by a family at Potters Bar.  Later in life she would tell her daughter about the girls walking back barefoot from a dance to a rather "grand" house at Potters Bar.
While living in this area she met Percival Harry Faulkner who was working to get his "Grocers Certificate" at a shop in Barnet.  He had been born on October 2, 1887 at Sandy in Bedfordshire.  He loved horses and left school at 11 years of age (1898) to work at the stables of the Manor house in Sandy.  In his spare time he helped dig graves at the cemetay of which his father was caretaker.  He used to say that he learned to read so early in life by reading gravestones.
In 1914 (and World War 1), May moved to Brighton with her employers.  Perce, who had volunteered as a Physical Training instructor in the army, would visit her, on weekends.  They were married sometime in 1914.
Perce was wounded twice during the war, and finished his army career as a Quartermaster Sergeant.  After the war (1918) May and Perce lived for a while at a pub in Gerrards Cross and he became a commercial traveller dealing in jam products.
The next move for May and Perce was to Amersham, Buckinghamshire, where they lived in a sweet shop which was looked after by May.  It was while living there that their  daughter Mary was born in 1921.
Some time later Perce changed from selling jams to selling scales, travelling from store to store.  The family also changed living quarters, moving to Tring.
Around 1931, May and Perce bought a butchers shop at Berkhamsted from May's nephew Ronald Dawes.  Perce became a butcher and Ronald moved to Twickenham to become a greengrocer.  At Berkhamsted, May and Pece moved into a new house and stayed there until they moved to a house and store combined
Perce spent many an evening fishing in the Grand Union Canal ,which at that time (1930's) as still being used by freight barges, many of them still being towed by horses.
May passed away in 1948 at Berkhamsted.  Perce died in 1967 having spent the last two years of his life living with his daughter Mary and son-in-law Frank Slatter.

Minnie married Percival Harry FAULKNER in 1914. Percival was born 2 Oct 1887 in Sandy, Bedfordshire. He died 1967.

They had the following children:

+ 160 F i Mary FAULKNER was born 1921.

137. Lilian Nita BARTLETT (Edward James , Nathaniel , Charles , Charles Cox , Thomas , Samuel , William , Samuel , Peter , William , Thomas ) was born 28 Jan 1895 in West Barnet, South Mimms, Middlesex. She died 12 Apr 1975 in Ashford, Kent.

A daughter of Edward James Bartlett and Isabella Sarah Ellis, Lilian Nita ,as born January 28, 1895 at West Barnet, South Mimms, Middlesex. She married Lawrence Curtis on January 7, 1919 at Ashford, Kent,
It is probable that as Lilian's mother had died and her father had moved to Lincolnshire, they decided to get married at Ashford, which is believed to have been Lawrence's home tow.. As far as is known, they lived at Ashford all their married life.
Lilian and Lawrence had one child, a daughter, Joan, born circa 1920-21.  Lawrence worked until his retirement, for the railway which had a big roundhouse and repair depot at Ashford where the steam engines were overhauled. Lilian passed away o. April 12, 1975,
Lilian's daughter, Joan, married and had a daughter, Maxine Crosby.

Lilian married Lawrence CURTIS on 7 Jan 1919 in Ashford, Kent. Lawrence was born in Ashford, Kent.

They had the following children:

+ 161 F i Joan CURTIS.

138. Arthur Stanley BARTLETT (Edward James , Nathaniel , Charles , Charles Cox , Thomas , Samuel , William , Samuel , Peter , William , Thomas ) was born 1896. He died 31 Jan 1968.

Born at Barnet, Hertfordshire in 1896, Arthur was the youngest son of Edward James Bartlett and Isabella Sarah Ellis.  Like the other members of the family, he worked for his father in his youth, until he went to work as a Dental Mechanic, at the Dental Manufacturing Company on Alston Road in Barnet.
On May 17, 1913, Arthur enlisted into the Middlesex Brigade Army Service Corps Territorial Force.  At the outbreak of World War I, he was called up and discharged from the Territorials and re-enlisted in the Army Service Corps Regular Army, where he was posted to the 98th Company.  According to information from the Ministry of Defence,  Arthur was 19 years, 90 days oId at the time.  His height was 5 feet 6 1/2 inches and he weighed 128 pounds.
Arthur's daughter Joyce remebers him saying that he spent most of the war overseas in France and Belgium.  In fact, his record shows that he did spend the period from 1914 to 1919 with the British Expeditionary Force.  He embarked from Southampton on the SS 'ARCHITECT' on December 20, 1914, and disembarked in Havre on December 21, 1914.  During his term of service, he was posted to the 82nd Infantry Brigade headquarter in Westoutre  and then he was posted to the 4th Company. While in the Army he met Mabel Rose Revel who was serving in the Womens Army Corps.  She was later to become his wife.
Arthur was demobilized on March 31, 1920 and lived for a short time at Finchley before moving to Bruce Road.  He found employment at the "Dental Manufacturing Company" on Alston Road, Barnet, as a Wax Model Maker.
Arthur lived at 21 Bruce Road, Barnet until his marriage to Mabel on Dece.ber23, 1922.  She had been born at Amersham Buckinghamshire, but just prior to her marriiage, she had been living at No. 6 Alyth Gardens, Golders Green. She apparently disliked both of her christian names and preferrd to be called "Betty".  One of the witnesses at their wedding was Arthur's sister, Alma Vera Scott.
Arthur and "Betty" lived in rooms at Bruce Road for about two years until they moved into a house at 26 Chesterfield Road where they spent most of their married life.
Arthur and "Betty" had only one child, a daughter Joyce, born in 1926.
In the early part of 1930, Arthur owned a motorcycle and sidecar and would often go on a Sunday trip with his sister Alma and her husband Walter Scott and their families to a not too distant place vehicles were not too reliable in those days.  One favourite place was Colney Heath, with all the gorse for the children to play in and a handy pub for a quick drink for adults, although none of them were what you could call drinkers.
Arthur worked for the "Dental Manufacturing Company" until he retired at age 70.  He passed away on January 31, 1968, and his wife "Betty" died on March 7, 1981.

Arthur married Mabel Rose REVEL on 23 Dec 1922. Mabel was born in Amersham, Buckinghamshire. She died 7 Mar 1981.

They had the following children:

+ 162 F i Joyce BARTLETT was born 1926.

139. Alma Vera BARTLETT (Edward James , Nathaniel , Charles , Charles Cox , Thomas , Samuel , William , Samuel , Peter , William , Thomas ) was born 21 Mar 1899 in Barnet. She died 1 Dec 1988 in Edenderry, County Offaly, Ireland.

Born March 21,1899 at 12 Sebright Road, Barnet, Alma Vera was the youngest child of Edward James Bartlett and Isabella Sarah Ellis.
Alma lived at Sebight Road until she was 14-15 yeas of age.  While there, a young girl who she remembers as her first friend was somehow killed by one of the Bartlett horses.  Alma also lost her mother who died in 1909 when Alma was 10 years oId.
Eventually, Alma's father, Edward, took up with another woman who the girls called "Banham".  When Edward gave up the green grocery business, Alma moved with her father and Banham to Mumby, Lincolnshire where Edward took over the "Red Lion" Hotel.  Alma stayed there though the war years until 1918-19 when she moved back to Barnet and lived with her sister Celia Snow (Bartlett) Barker at No. 1 Linden Villas, Bruce Road.
Walter Howard Scott was born July 21, 1894 at Stanhope Road, Friern Barnet. He was the son of William Scott and Rose Stratton.  Walter joined the Royal Artillery during World War 1, and served in France, with the 38th Trench Mortars.  He was demobilezed March 31, 1920.
On June 1, 1920, Alma and Walter were married in Barnet. After their marriage, they lived at New Southgate where her first son  Edward William was born.  A year or so later they moved back to Barnet to No. 2 Linden Villas - next door to Alma's sister Snow, where they occupied the top half of the house.  Their second son, Arthur Stratton was born there in 1922.
Alma and Walter then moved to Leicester Road, New Barnet for a short stay before moving in 1926-7, into the house at Sebright Road where Alma had been born . This house had been willed to her by her father who had died May 23, 1926.  While there, two mor sons were born, Derek Ian in 1929 and Tony Howard in 1934.
The house at Sebight Road hadquite a big yard with stables and storage shed, which had probably been built by her father for use in his green grocery business.  At the time of Alma's return, these buildings were being rented by a greengrocer named Spendlove.  Mr. Spendlove, with his son Robert, had two horses and carts and sold their wares from Bamet to Arkley, Bant Gate, Elstree, Ridge and Shenley.  They were helped on weekends by Alma's two eldest sons, until they left school and got fulltime jobs.
In 1937, Alma and Walter sold the house and bought a new one at Aberdale Gardens, Potters Bar.  It was at about this time that Potters Bar started to expand. Until this time it had seemed to be two separate villages, one up at the High Street and the other down by the station.
Almas daughter, Linda, was born in Potters Bar in 1939, and the family lived there until about 1946 when they sold and moved to  the Hythe,/Dymchurch area in Kent.
Around 1970-7 1, Al.. and Walter moved for a brief time to East Finchley where they lived with Alma's niece Ivy Dawes, before moving in with their daughter Linda and son-in-law, Tom Duffy at St. Albans. Walter died at St. Albans in 1974 and a couple of years later the. the Duffys moved to Ireland (Tom's birthplace),  Alma went with them. Alma passed away on December 1, 1988 in Edenderry, County Offaly, Ireland.
Alma and Walter had five children

Alma married Walter Howard SCOTT, son of William SCOTT and Rose STRATTON, on 1 Jun 1920 in Barnet. Walter was born 21 Jul 1894 in Friern Barnet. He died 1974 in St. Albans.

Royal Artillery, WW1, France 38th. Trench Mortars

They had the following children:

+ 163 M i Edward William SCOTT was born 1920.
+ 164 M ii Arthur Stratton SCOTT was born 1922.
+ 165 M iii Derek Ian SCOTT was born 1929.
+ 166 M iv Tony Howard SCOTT was born 1934.
+ 167 F v Linda Jean SCOTT was born 18 Oct 1938.

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