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The Coyne Family

Darcy & Brian's 2010 Corn Roast & Chevapi BBQ - CLICK HERE    

Bryson Picnic - Photo Album - Click Here

Bryson Picnic - Video of Jim & Kathy's Saturday night barbecue

Owen's Ode to Father's Day
Published  in "letters-to-the-editor"  - June 2010

"Friends, Family, Acquaintances & Others" Photo Album - CLICK HERE

Small movie of Glenn's birthday - CLICK HERE

Video of Brucey's 60th. Birthday Party - CLICK HERE

Sophia's Ancestry Page  - CLICK HERE

Emma Rose's Ancestry Page - CLICK HERE

Thomas Bartlett is the oldest traceable ancestor of the Coyne-Gunn family. He was born in England in the year 1550.
CLICK HERE to see fifteen generations of the family.

Latest Photo's of Sophia Kylee Coyne:

Darcy & Brian's Cornroast - August 14, 2010               For more photos, CLICK HERE

Baby Pics:

The Newest Addition:

Leanna gave birth to a 6 lb, 13 oz. baby girl 1:30pm on Sunday, May 2.

Sophia Kylee Coyne
            Photo courtesy of Darcy.

Glenn's 50th. Birthday Party - Click on the Clown

                                                                                                                                          Glory & Owen                                                       


Kyle & Leanna

Owen's 73rd. Birthday


Glenn's 50th Birthday Party

James                                       Wesley                                            SemiSibs

Good drugs eh, can't feel a thing


Bruce's 60th Birthday

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