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Dad, how did you do that?


With the coming of Father's Day, my old age remembrances of my father came to mind. Before my memory fades, as often happens with us old folk, and since I have been blessed with years beyond his life span, I jotted here remembrances of him.

You raised a family of ten on one man's salary. You worked rotating shift work for over 45 years. You ran a movie theatre seven days a week. Directed and acted in a drama club, to fill those winter months. Heped with your church choir, wrote poetry and historical prose.

Dad, how did you do all that?

You kept your family well fed, clothed, schooled and in good health. You offered advice, no only to your family, but to all who cared to listen or accept.

Dad, how did you do all that?

You were secretary-treasurer of your village, power plant controller, keyboardist, violinist and entertainer, gardener, woodcutter, shoemaker, barber, mechanic and much more.

Dad, how did you do all that?

The Big "C" took you at the early age of 65 years, before you could enjoy a well earned retirement. Many years have passed since your demise. But I look back still in wonderment and say, Dad, how did you do all that?

To my Dad and all you good dads out there. With love and remembrance.  Frederick Joseph Coyne

by his son Owen Coyne, June, 2010